Sex and the City Premiere

Last night was the Berlin premiere of Sex and the City! The stars did a London premiere a few days ago, and the big New York premiere will be next week. It was held on the other side of Potsdamer Platz from my office, so I headed over there after work, hoping to catch a glimpse of the red carpet. Armed with my camera, I managed to get a pretty good spot (behind short people), especially considering that I got there shortly before the festivities began.

Kristen Davis was previously my favorite, but I am now a big Kim Cattrall fan. There was a master of ceremonies who interviewed a number of people, including all four of the stars, on the red carpet for the benefit of the crowd. Kim Cattrall was amazing. She actually speaks decent German, which was a huge hit! Her interview was in a mixture of English and German, and this was very much appreciated by the Berliners. And she was very outgoing, talking for a long time and making sure the audience could see her clearly. We could really only see many of the other interviewees’ faces on the big screen.

Sarah Jessica Parker, by the way, did make an effort to try out a few German phrases, including jokingly saying the infamous JFK line, “Ich bin ein Berliner!” The shot of her above is my the best picture I managed to get (thanks to zoom and cropping), but here are a few others. Click on images to see a larger version:

Flydog update: After two nights at the vet, she’s home again, and she’s eating and is a little less disoriented. Mr. Flyaway is still carrying her everywhere, but it’s nonetheless an improvement over her state before the latest vet visit.

Job update: The first few days have been very quiet, but I’ll have my first real project this week, which is exciting for me! I’ve been doing some background reading. It seems that the Berlin group is mainly corporate work, so other than some tort, property, and especially contract law, I’m learning stuff I haven’t learned about the American system yet (a lot is basically like a German version of Enterprise Organizations). I think my Business German vocabulary will be amazing by the end of the summer!

Cultural note: Germans are very friendly in elevators. Perfect strangers always say hello and goodbye to you when you get in and out. It’s nice!

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