73,719 Running Through the Streets of Frankfurt

Last Wednesday I made the trip to Frankfurt to run with my firm’s team in the JP Morgan Chase Run (5.6 K).  It’s billed as the largest race in the world, with 73,719 participants this year!    Other than flying in and out of the airport, I had never been to Frankfurt, so running through the streets in a race was a really fun and unique way to see it.  My time was 33:30, though really that should have been more like 32, because there was such congestion at the finish line that we had to stop way back and walk slowly across.  OK, no championship time, but, hey, there were still lots of people behind me!!

After the race, there was a firm cookout, where I got to know a lot of people from the other German offices.  I spent the night in the firm’s apartment, where an associate I know from the Berlin firm is staying while she spends some time at the Frankfurt office.  Then Thursday morning I took some time to explore the city before catching a train back to Berlin.  It’s more a business-oriented city and less a tourist destination, but there are definitely some things worth seeing.

Me in front of the Römer, city hall:

My last stop was the Goethe Haus (below), birthplace of the famous German author.  Before I went in, I met a nice South African who told me we must have the same walking tour map, since he had noticed me at several previous stops.  He was only in Frankfurt for 12 hours on a layover and had decided to make the best of it and get out of the airport.  We toured the house and museum together and then had lunch before I headed back to Berlin.

So, later today or tomorrow I’ll post a recap of the past weekend in Berlin and Potsdam (the neighboring town where the royal palaces were built).  Then tomorrow night I’m off to London for the weekend!

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