October 22, 1994 to July 3, 2008

This picture was taken just a few days ago, by my husband out on the deck of our home in Ann Arbor.  She was sweet and gentle and eager to please.  And gluttonous. 🙂  Even people who don’t like dogs liked Sadie.  In some ways, she had a hard life.  She didn’t have the life she “should” have had, because of health issues that started with an injury in puppyhood.  But in other ways she had a wonderful life, full of people who loved her.

I’m really sorry I wasn’t there with her and with my husband last night when she took a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse and he had a terrible decision to make.  Once her condition stabilized several weeks ago, I began to think she’d make it until I come home in three weeks.  In a sad way, I can see a silver lining in her having gotten suddenly so sick right before I left home.  It gave me the opportunity to really say goodbye before I left, knowing what that might mean.

2 thoughts on “Flydog

  1. I’m so sorry to hear the news! I loved Sadie, and I think I might be one of the ones flyaway refers to when she says that even *non-dog lovers* loved Sadie!

    I’m sure she’s given our greetings to UGA by now . . . the other dog I loved.



  2. I loved Sadie, she was awesome. Sidenote can we put an end to pets dying, I dont think I can handle anymore.


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